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All Product Brochures

Separator, Coalescer, Filter - All Products brochure
Strainer & Line Blind - All Products brochure

Separators & Scrubbers

Type 100V Vane Separator brochure
Type 100H Vane Separator brochure
Type 110V In-line Vane Separator brochure
Type 120 Directional Blade Separator brochure
Type 209-DB Exhaust Head brochure

Filter Separators

Type 150 Filter-Separator brochure


Type 140 Gas-Liquid Coalescer brochure
Type 62-CC Liquid-Liquid Coalescer brochure
Type 62HW-MM Metal Mesh Liquid-Liquid Coalescer brochure
Type 62HO-MM Metal Mesh Liquid-Liquid Coalescer brochure


Type 61V Liquid Filter brochure
Type 61V-C Liquid Filter with Activated Carbon brochure
Type 65 Dry Gas Filter brochure

Filter Cartridges & Coalescer Cartridges

WCL536 (0.3) Filter Cartridge for Type 150 & 65 brochure
WCL536 (0.5,1,5) Filter Cartridge for Type 150 & Type 65 brochure
WCL536R (0.3) Coalescing Cartridge for Type 140 brochure
WP-L536Rb Series beta 1000 and 5000 coalescing cartridge for Type 140 gas liquid coalescer brochure
WP-L436b Series pleated beta 1000 filter cartridge & beta 5000 filter cartridge for Type 65 brochure
WCT6--R Coalescing Cartridge for Type 62 brochure
WCT6-P Separator Cartridge for Type 62 brochure
WCC Series wound Filter Cartridge for Type 61V brochure
WCFL-1122 Carbon Canister for Type 61V-C brochure

Sample Coolers

Series 500 Sample Cooler brochure


Type DU56 Duplex Strainer brochure
Strainer Basket Screen Selections brochure
Type 55 Simplex Strainer brochure
Type 57 "Y" Strainer brochure
Type 59, GP59, & 60 "T" Strainer brochure
Startup Strainers - Temporary Strainers brochure

Line Blinds & Bleed Rings

Line Blinds and Bleed Rings brochure