Providing industry the solutions for mist removal from gas and liquids from liquids, Winston/Royal Guard manufactures high performing coalescers in its ASME Code certified manufacturing facility.

The Type 140 Gas Liquid Coalescer recovers aerosol and larger size liquid particles from a gas stream. Although primarily designed for liquid removal, extremely fine solids will also be captured with the coalescing cartridges. Recovers lubrication oil downstream of compressors. Removes liquids from natural gas to protect compressors, turbines, glycol absorbers, desiccant dryers, molecular sieves, and other downstream equipment. Reduces foaming with amine recovery in the gas sweetening process.

The Type 62H-CC-2S Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator utilizing both coalescing and separator cartridges is a two stage coalescer used for the separation of two immiscible liquids such as water from a hydrocarbon. Applications include separation of trace amounts of water from oil, condensates, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, and others.

The Type 62HW-MM-1S Liquid Liquid Coalescer is a single stage Liquid Liquid Coalescer used for the separation of two immiscible liquids, such as small amounts of water from a hydrocarbon (oil, gasoline, benzene, etc.). The unit utilizes a knitted wire mesh media pack for the coalescence and gravitational dropout of enlarged dispersed phase droplets.

The Type 62HO-MM-1S Liquid Liquid Coalescer, similar to the 62HW, is a single stage Liquid Liquid Coalescer used for the separation of small amounts of hydrocarbon from water. In this case, the boot is located on top of the vessel.