Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separators are two stage units and utilize coalescing cartridges and separator cartridges for the separation of two immiscible liquids

Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator - Type 62H-CC
Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Separator
Type 62V-CC-2S Vertical Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator

Available in either a horizontal or vertical configuration, the Winston/Royal Guard      Type 62-CC-2S Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator is used for the separation of two immiscible liquids such as water from a hydrocarbon.  Applications include separation of small amounts of water from oil, condensates, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, and others, in the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas industries.

In the Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator, hydrocarbon liquid (continuous phase) mixed with small amounts of aqueous solution (discontinuous phase) passes through two types of cartridges for effective liquid separation.  Removal of water is down to, or less than 10 ppm.

The WCT6--R Series first stage coalescing cartridges coalesce tiny droplets of dispersed water, enlarging them enough for most to settle to the bottom of the vessel by gravity. Ultra-fine solids are captured in these cartridges and are removed with the cartridge change-outs. The liquid flow moves through each coalescing cartridge from inside to outside, and therefore less surface area is available with which to retain solids. If heavy particulate loading is expected, a filtration unit such as a Type 61V Liquid Filter should be installed upstream of the Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator so as to extend the time between cartridge change-outs.

The WCT6--S Series second stage separator cartridges separate any remaining water droplets from the continuous phase liquid flow. The treated cellulose pleated cartridge media is hydrophobic, allowing oil to pass through while repelling water. These separator cartridges are available in 5 and 25 micron designs.

How it works: As the liquid emulsion flows through the first stage coalescing cartridge media from inside to outside, tiny droplets of dispersed water attach to the media fibers.  As the flow continues, additional water droplets attach to the fibers and merge, or coalesce, with other droplets.  This coalescing process continues until the droplets have grown large enough to release from the media and exit the cartridges into the vessel interior.  With a higher specific gravity, and thus a greater density than the hydrocarbon liquid, most of the water droplets fall to the bottom of the vessel by gravity and are collected in the vessel’s boot, or collection chamber.  Any remaining small droplets that do not have the mass to fall out at this stage flow along with the continuous phase until they are removed by the second stage hydrophobic separator cartridges.

WCT6--R Series first stage coalescer cartridge
WCT6--P second stage separator cartridge