Filtration for solids removal from liquids and gases

Winston/Royal Guard has reliable solutions to assure retention of the smallest particles and longer intervals between filter cartridge change-outs.

The Type 61V Vertical Liquid Filter removes solid contaminants from liquid process streams in refining, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and other industries. Liquid process filtration applications vary widely and a variety of filter cartridges including materials and solid particle retention sizes are available. The skid-mounted duplex liquid filter arrangement is shown here.

WCC Series wound filter cartridges for liquids
WLP-L Pleated Series filter cartridges for liquids

The Type 61V-C Vertical Liquid Filter, with activated carbon granules, removes dissolved hydrocarbons and other impurities from amine and glycol processes for the prevention of foaming and reduction of corrosion. Carbon-filled canisters are stacked vertically inside the filter housing.

Carbon Canister with Activated Carbon

The Type 65 Dry Gas Filter efficiently removes rust, pipeline scale and dust from a natural gas stream. The natural gas filter is generally offered in a horizontal configuration for better control of settled dust particles when changing out the filter cartridges. Filter cartridges can be fiberglass depth type or pleated for longer operation between change-outs.

Filter cartridges with open and closed ends
WP-L436b5 Series filter cartridge with pleated media