Simplex strainers remove rocks, sand, dirt, pipe scale, grit, welding beads and other solids from industrial liquids, gases, steam, and water. These are heavy duty fabricated strainers often referred to as pipeline strainers in the oil and gas industry.

Fabricated Simplex Strainer with lifting davit
Type 55 Simplex Strainer, Chrome Moly

Winston/Royal Guard Type 55 and 56 heavy duty fabricated simplex strainers, often referred to as pipeline strainers, are industrial strainers used for the protection of pumps, compressors, and other downstream equipment by removing unwanted solids. The large internal basket offers the lowest pressure drop in our strainer line while providing the largest holding capacity.

Simplex strainer applications include natural gas, process gas, chemicals, hydrocarbons, process liquids, water, steam, and others for the refining, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, natural gas, and other industries.  Fabricated strainers are extremely robust and provide heavy duty service to industry.

Standard material for the simplex strainer body and flanges is carbon steel with 304 stainless steel basket (carbon steel optional).  Available materials for body and flanges are 300 series stainless steels (all or wetted parts), alloy 20, monel 400, nickel 200, hastelloy B and C276, inconel, incoloy, and chrome moly.  Except for chrome moly, the basket can be manufactured in any of these materials.

The Internal perforated strainer basket is manufactured from heavy gauge material and seam welded for maximum strength.

A complete selection of perforated metal and wire cloth is available for various openings and retention requirements. Typical strainer basket openings are 80 mesh (0.0070”opening) for gas service, 40 mesh (0.0150” opening) for steam, and perforated with 1/8” diameter holes on 3/16” centers for process liquids. Strainer baskets will have perforated support for most wire mesh sizes.

The Top cover of the simplex strainer is available as a bolted blind flange with lifting handle or davit, or a quick-opening closure for easier and faster access for basket cleaning. Inlet/outlet styles include flanged or butt weld.

Options include ASME Code stamp, NACE compliance, quick-opening closure, open bottom basket for blowdown, support legs or skirt, lifting eye(s), differential pressure connections, vent, steam jacket, insulation rings, painting per specification, and other customer requirements.

ASME Code Certified: Winston/Royal Guard is an ASME Section Vlll, Division 1 Code certified manufacturing facility with National Board certification. Capabilities include all types of non-destructive testing with a rigidly controlled Quality Control system.