Remove entrained liquids from gas, steam, or air

Well known for high quality solutions, Winston/Royal Guard manufactures a variety of separators and scrubbers to meet demanding applications for liquid and solids removal from natural gas, process gas, or steam in its ASME Code certified manufacturing facility. Designs include the Vane element or Directional Blade™ element, with each lending capabilities to fit a wide range of applications.

The Type 100V Vertical Vane Natural Gas Scrubbers remove liquid slugs and separates mist and entrained liquid particles from a natural gas or process gas stream. With the offset nozzle design and vane internal, mist and entrained liquid particles are separated from the gas due to changes in flow direction as the gas passes through the tortuous path of the corrugated vane plates. 99.9% of liquid particles 8-10 micron size and larger will be removed, providing clean dry gas to protect compressors and other equipment.

The Type 100H Horizontal Vane Natural Gas Separators remove liquid slugs, mist and other entrained liquids from natural gas, process gas, or steam.  These separators provide clean dry gas for the protection of compressors and other equipment in gas transmission pipelines and gas gathering systems and offer efficient operation over a wide range of flow. 316 Stainless Steel is the standard material of construction for the vane internal providing optimum lifetime.

For light liquid loading, the smaller Type 110V Vertical In-Line Vane Separator is an excellent choice for removal of mist and entrained liquid particles from a gas process, steam, or air application.  This separator is a perfect selection where space is limited in a plant environment.

Type 120-HB Centrifugal Separator With Boot

The Type 120 Centrifugal Separator with the Directional Blade™ is an efficient and inexpensive way to remove water, condensate, oil, pipe scale, and rust when provided as a gas, air, or steam separator to protect gas compressors, air compressors, steam turbines, and other equipment.

The Type 209-DB Exhaust Head with the Directional Blade™ Internal removes liquid droplets and solids from vapor, wet air, or gas.