Natural Gas Scrubbers - Process Gas Separators
Steam Separators - 2 Phase Separators


Gas Scrubbers in service-Type 100VThe Winston/Royal Guard Type 100V Vertical Vane Natural Gas Scrubbers are 2 phase separators which easily remove liquids and liquid slugs from a natural gas flow.  The vane scrubber is also an excellent choice as a process gas separator or steam separator.

How the natural gas scrubber works:

As gas enters the vane scrubber, liquid slugs fall to the bottom of the vessel while the gas flows upward toward the vane separator internal. As the gas passes through the tortuous path of the corrugated vane plates, mist and entrained liquid particles are initially separated from the gas due to changes in flow direction. Inertial impaction causes the liquid to separate as it cannot change direction with the gas. Impinging upon the vane surfaces, liquid particles become enlarged through coalescence as they travel along these surfaces toward the pockets in the vane assembly and finally fall toward the drain. The separated liquid is directed to the bottom of the vessel through a downcomer pipe. Clean, dry gas exits through the vane scrubber's outlet.

  • 2 phase separation.
  • Removes 99.9% of liquid particles 8-10 micron size and larger.
  • Removes small solid contaminants suspended in the liquid
  • Effective operation over a wide range of flow.
  • 316 Stainless Steel vane construction for a long operating life.
  • ASME code stamped and National Board Registered.