Vane separators for in-line installation

In-line Separator-Type 110VThe Winston/Royal Guard Type 110V Vertical In-line Vane Separators for light liquid loading are an excellent choice for removal of mist and entrained liquid particles when installed as steam separators, gas separators, or air separators. The small vessel is perfect for applications in refining and petrochemical installations.

How the separator works:  Mist and entrained liquid particles are separated from the gas due to changes in flow direction as the gas passes through the tortuous path of the corrugated vane plates. Gas flowing through the vanes are able to follow the changes in direction, but inertial impaction causes liquid particles to separate because they are heavier and cannot change directions with the gas. Impinging upon the vane surfaces, liquid particles then become enlarged through coalescing as they travel along the vane surfaces and finally fall to the bottom of the separator.

For paraffin or sticky solids, a flanged cover and removable vanes allow for cleaning the separator interior if required.

  • Removes 99.9% of liquid particles 8-10 micron size and larger.
  • Removes small solid contaminants suspended in the liquids.
  • Effective operation over a wide range of flow.
  • 316 Stainless Steel vane construction for a long operating life.
  • ASME code stamped and National Board Registered.