Filter Separators for natural gas service

The Winston/Royal Guard filter separator is the most dependable solution for removing liquid and solid particles from natural gas for the protection of compressors in transmission lines and at plant entrances, among others, and manufactured in our ASME Code certified facility.

Type 150 Natural Gas Filter-Separators
Filter cartridges with open and closed ends

Winston/Royal Guard’s Type 150 Natural Gas Filter Separator easily removes liquid and solid particles from a gas stream for the protection of compressors, turbines, and other downstream equipment.  Various installations include compressor stations on gas gathering and gas transmission lines, and plant entrances at gas plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, etc.  The filter separator is available in a horizontal or vertical configuration.

How the Filter Separator works:

As the gas stream enters the first stage of the filter separator, heavier liquids will fall out due to loss in velocity and gravitational effects and then drain out. Aerosol mist and larger liquid particles, without enough mass to be pushed through by the gas flow, become trapped in the media of the filter cartridges. As additional liquid particles enter the media, they coalesce until they are large enough to be pushed through. These liquid droplets are then removed from the gas stream in the second stage by the separator internal. Solid particulate matter is captured in the filter cartridges and removed when the disposable cartridges are changed out. Gas exiting the filter separator is 99.9% free of liquid and solid particles.

Separator designs:

Natural gas filter separators are available with either our Vane separator internal or Directional Blade™ separator internal. Both designs are highly efficient for removal of liquids and each has its own benefits.

Directional Blade™ Separator Internal:

Our Directional Blade™ filter separator efficiently removes liquid and solid particles from gas and takes up less space with a smaller diameter vessel. This compact design has cost-saving benefits as well as applications where space may be limited.

Vane Separator Internal:

Our filter separator with the Vane separator internal is equally efficient for removal of liquid and solid particles from gas. Due to its typically larger vessel diameter, this design contains more filter cartridges with the benefit of longer operational periods between filter change-outs.

Filter Cartridges:

Filter cartridges typically provided in the Type 150 Filter Separator are:

  • WCL536 (0.3) depth type fiberglass and polypropylene materials with a rating of 0.3 micron at 99.9% efficiency (beta 1000), or
  • WMGL536 depth type graded density microglass media available with ratings of 0.3 or 1 micron at 99.9% efficiency (beta 1000).