For Winston/Royal Guard Type 62-CC-2S Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separators

Liquid coalescing cartridgeWCT6--R coalescing cartridges have a flow path from inside to outside. These coalescing cartridges are furnished in the Winston/ Royal Guard Type 62 Liquid Liquid Coalescer Separator to coalesce trace amounts of water into larger droplets in a liquid hydrocarbon stream. It is used as the first stage in conjunction with the second stage WCT6--P separator cartridge for the separation of two immiscible liquids.

The media tube is made up of materials specifically designed to enhance the process of coalescence and is supported by a perforated metal core. A metal end cap with bolt hole covers one end. The cartridge is wrapped externally with a cotton sock for additional coalesced water drainage.

  • Robust metal support core can withstand differential pressure greater over 75 PSI.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Will remove extremely fine solid particles.
  • High efficiency at an economical cost.
Operation Specifications for these Coalescing Cartridges:
  • Flow Direction is inside to outside.
  • Recommended differential pressure for element change-out is 15 P.S.I.
  • Recommended maximum operating temperature is 240 ⁰ F.
  • Buna-N Gaskets are standard.
Standard Part Numbers and Dimensions:
  • WCT638R 6” O.D. -- 38” Long -- 3-1/2” I.D.
  • WCT643R 6” O.D. -- 43-1/4” Long -- 3-1/2” I.D.
  • WCT656R 6” O.D. -- 56-1/4” Long -- 3-1/2” I.D.