For Winston/Royal Guard Type 65 Dry Gas Filters

WP-L436b5 Series filter cartridge, BETA 5000WP-L436b Series pleated media dry gas filter cartridges are recommended in the type 65 Dry Gas Filter for longer service life and efficient capture of particulates such as rust, pipe scale, and dust.  Providing a much greater surface area than a depth type filter, the pleated media cartridge is an excellent choice for expected high solids loading applications with the benefit of lower operating pressure drop and less frequent cartridge change-outs.  For maximum efficiency these cartridges are rated to either:

  • Beta 1000 (99.9% removal of 1 micron and larger solid particles from dry gas).
  • Beta 5000 (99.98% removal of 1 micron and larger solid particles from dry gas).

Available in either polyester or polypropylene pleated filter media, these cartridges have uniform pore openings to maintain particle size capture efficiency.  The filter media is supported by tinned steel cores inside and out and a tinned steel end cap with bolt hole covers one end.  Stainless steel cores and end cap are optional.  Buna-N gaskets are standard.

  • Longer service life between filter cartridge change-outs resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduction in lost gas revenues.
  • Pleated media offers greater surface area and lower pressure drop.
  • Excellent solids retention with efficiency rated to beta 1000 or beta 5000.
  • Robust metal support cores can withstand a high differential pressure (collapse pressure is approximately 75 PSI).
Operating Specifications for these Filter Cartridges:
  • FLOW DIRECTION is outside to inside.
  • 1 micron rating.
  • Recommended differential pressure for cartridge change-out is 15 PSI.

WPPL436b1 (beta 1000) or WPPL436b5 (beta 5000) with polypropylene pleat.

  • Maximum operating temperature…. 180⁰ F.
  • Minimum operating temperature……..35⁰ F.

WPEL436b1 (beta 1000) or WPEL436b5 (beta 5000) with polyester pleat.

  • Maximum operating temperature…. 250⁰ F.
  • Minimum operating temperature……….0⁰ F.
Standard Dimensions:
  • 36” LENGTH -- 4 ½” O.D