Natural Gas Filters for reliability in the removal of solid particulates from dry natural gas

Dry Gas Filters on skid
Dry Gas Filter - Type 65

The Type 65 Dry Gas Filter efficiently removes rust, pipeline scale and dust from a natural gas stream.  Applications include protection for valves, meters, regulators, and other equipment in refineries, chemical plants, pipeline stations, and others. Available in a horizontal or vertical design, the horizontal configuration has its benefits for better control of settled solids when changing out the filter cartridges.

How the natural gas filter works:

The gas entering the vessel flows into the filter cartridges from outside-to-inside, ensuring that the gas stream encounters the most surface area for the greatest contaminant holding capability. The depth type fiberglass filter cartridge is the most economical and does an excellent job of capturing solids. The pleated filter cartridge, in either polypropylene or polyester, is a good choice for expected high solids loading and has a very low clean pressure drop.

Filter cartridges typically provided in the Type 65 Dry Gas Filters are:

  • WCL536 (0.3) with a rating of 0.3 micron at 99.9% efficiency (beta 1000), or
  • WP-L436b Pleated Series  with a rating of 1 micron and available in either 99.9% efficiency (beta 1000) or 99.98% efficiency (beta 5000).  With a pleated design, these filter cartridges offer a longer service life between cartridge change-outs resulting in lower maintenance cost and reduction in lost gas revenues.
WCL536 (0.3) Filter Cartridge for Dry Gas Filter showing open and closed ends
WP-L436b5 Series filter cartridge with pleated media